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Duration: 5 weeks at 4 hours/day + optional practicum

Program Overview


Summit’s Retail Sales Program provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully enter the retail sales industry. The Retail Sales Program provides graduates with the transferable and marketable skills needed to gain employment and thrive in a variety of situations and work environments. Some of the units covered are Quality Customer Service, Interpersonal Communications Skills, Building the Sale, Retail Math, Completing Sales Transaction and Point-of-Sale.


Graduates of the Retail Sales Program can use point-of-sale operating systems, complete simple and complex transactions; and provide exceptional customer service.

Course Outline

Quality Customer Service

Interpersonal Communication Skills

Building the Sale

Mathematics of Retail

Completing the Sales Transaction

Point of Sale

Career Opportunities


Cashier, Sales Representative, Customer Service Representative etc.



18 years or older

Proof of OSSD (diploma/transcript)  OR  Pass mature entrance exam

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