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This program has been designed to provide you with the necessary tools and techniques to help you gain or increase strength, dexterity (skill and ability), and coordination in your non-dominant hand.  In other words, if you are right-handed, you’ll learn to function with your left hand, and if you are left-handed, you’ll learn to function with your right hand.


NDHT trains the non-injured hand and the neuropathways of the brain, while physiotherapy trains the injured hand to regain strength and functionality.

Through this training, you’ll be able to more effectively use your non-dominant hand at school, at home, and at work. You’ll be able to print and write on forms and other documentation, operate telephones and fax machines, and perform daily tasks, all using your non-dominant hand


NDHT is usually integrated with another program.  As a standalone program, the program is 1-hour per day plus homework activities.


This program has been designed to assist you in developing competitive typing skills for the workplace.  To begin any typing program, it is essential that you first memorize your keyboard.  Each lesson is strategically designed to focus on specific letters, numbers, and symbols.


OHT is usually integrated with another program.  As a standalone program, the program is 1 or 2-hours per day.


Voice recognition is an alternative to typing on a keyboard. Put simply, you talk to the computer and your words appear on the screen. The software has been developed to provide a fast method of writing on a computer and can help people with a variety of disabilities. It is useful for people with physical disabilities who often find typing difficult, painful or impossible. Voice-recognition software can also help those with spelling difficulties, including users with dyslexia, because recognised words are almost always correctly spelled.


This program uses the Dragon Speech Recognition Software and the module is about 40 hours long.  The student is expected to have some working knowledge of Windows and Microsoft Word.  At the end of the module the student will have the foundational skills to continue working towards mastery.

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