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Inclement Weather Policy & Information

Ontario winter weather can change very quickly: what looks like a storm in the morning may clear by mid-day, and vice versa. We make cancellation decisions very carefully so as not to deprive students of their training or put their safety in jeopardy. Of course, please use your own discretion as your area may have been more affected. 


Our facilities operate normal classes except under the following conditions:


1. Public school boards in your city/region have closed the schools (not necessarily just cancelled buses).  Click on the applicable public school board link below to learn if the public schools in your area are closed.


2. Summit management (Support Office/GM) deems it appropriate to cancel classes.


If you have a Twitter account, you can visit Summit College’s Twitter account page here to see if your school is closed.
(If there are no announcements posted by 7:30 am, assume the school is open.)

Please click on your campus name listed below to learn if the public schools in your area are closed today

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