Diploma program available at Brantford and Kitchener campus locations

Employers value a well-stocked, cost-efficient, and well-coordinated working environment - and graduates of this program appreciate the significant role they will play in ensuring employers enjoy this, as well as timely and orderly work flow.  This comprehensive program provides students with skills in the areas of Purchasing & Inventory; Parts Clerk; and Production Control.

Diploma program available at Brantford, Guelph, Hamilton, Kitchener, and St. Catherines campus locations

The Medical Office Administration program emphasizes the practical and theoretical subjects that will teach the student the skills needed to manage an office environment and effectively communicate, write and interpret medical terms in the workplace.

Diploma program available at Brantford, Hamilton, and St. Catharines campus locations

Meets all training requirements established by the Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services, and is informed by ongoing collaboration with several major Ontario security companies.  

Diploma program available at all campus locations

Equips students with invaluable transferable skills necessary for success in an amazingly diverse industry.

Diploma program available at all campus locations

A 'quick and clean' approach to "labour market re-entry" that is cost-effective with training time and money.  "Retail Sales" program is a succinct yet effective six-week program, perfect for students seeking retail/cashier employment.  The program delivers 'What is Needed' (WINTM) to students - more than just skills for employment in the retail sales field, but also the foundation to advance to a supervisory position in the employee's future.


Diploma program available at St. Catharines campus location only

Prepares students for work on the front line of the dynamic travel and accommodations industry.  This exciting program provides students with the combination of transferable and specialized skills needed to succeed in a wide range of settings - motels, hotels, health clubs, resorts, etc..

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