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Duration: 15 weeks at 4 hours/day + optional practicum

Program Overview


Summit’s Guest Services Agent Program is designed to provide graduates with the necessary customer service and technical skills to excel in the guest services industry. There is a particular emphasis on attention to operational aspects of the job that are increasingly computerized – reservations, room selection, guest accounts and payment.


The Guest Services Agent Program provides graduates with the combination of transferable and specialized skills needed to succeed on the front line of a diverse, communications-based field in a wide range of setting – motels, hotels, health clubs, resorts, etc.

Course Outline

Computer Foundations

The Hotel Industry

Customer Service

Guest Services Agent Operations

Job Search Training

Career Opportunities

Guest Service Representative, Guest Services Agent, Hotel Front Desk Clerk, Hotel Front Office Clerk, Hotel Reservations Clerk, Room Clerk, etc.



18 years or older

Proof of OSSD (diploma/transcript)  OR  Pass mature entrance exam

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