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"My experience at Summit has taught me a lot in life. The support and care of my instructors will be unmatched. They have helped me reach my potential and overcome adversities. My program has also helped me open my eyes... to ideas in the working world. Thank you so much."


- Terry Guth, Graduate of Supply Chain Resource Management at the Kitchener Campus.


Summit understands learning modalities and adult learning needs. We regard our students as individuals and tailor strategies to fit their unique learning styles, personalities and skills -sets.

Summit students succeed using learning approaches that are fitted to them individually.

Students receive close, personalized attention with our low student-teacher ratios.

Learning is further optimized by frequent admission dates, condensed time frames, flexible schedules and ergonomic accommodations.
The Summit team stays connected with industry leaders, active employers, and labour market trends. This powers the ongoing process of continuously improving programs in concert with hiring employers - our focus is employment!
Students receive current, relevant, and effective training from qualified instructors with relevant field knowledge.
Summit graduates have the knowledge and skills that employers are looking for.
Optional work co-ops are invaluable for applying and strengthening  newly acquired skills.
Summit grads have a competitive advantage in securing and keeping employment.
The Summit humanistic approach helps our students realize educational, career and life goals. The 'Summit Method' empowers students with awareness and personal management tolls that transfer beyond the classroom, fuelling success in both education and career.
Summit students experience long-lasting success both personally and professionally.
Learners at every stage of life and career will benefit from Summit's continuum of training options in a wide range of programs and approaches.
As part of Summit's whole-person approach, the Summit Team is dedicated to helping students achieve training and employment success.
Students receive consultation to fully explore, plan for, and monitor their career goals.
Assistance with financing options makes advancing a career manageable for everyone.
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