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Duration: 420 hours; 21 weeks at 4 hours/day + optional practicum

Course Outline

Computer Foundations:

- Introduction to Computers and Windows

- Microsoft Word Level 1

- Microsoft Word Level 2

- Microsoft Excel Level 1

- Microsoft Excel Level 2

- Microsoft PowerPoint Level 1

Office Procedures:

- Intro: A Career as an Office Professional

- Human Relations

- Management of Work, Time, and Resources

- Reference Sources

- Organization Structure and Office Layout

- Office Technology

- Incoming and Outgoing Mail

- Information Management

- Front Line Reception

- Travel Arrangements

- Meetings and Conferences

- Business Communications

- Office Commerce and Keeping Records

- Employment Strategies (resumes, cover letters, interviews)

- Professional Development

Career Opportunities

Office Manager, Marketing, Accounting and Payroll Administrator, Business Applications Specialist, Human Resources Assistant, and Executive Office Assistant.


18 years or older

Proof of OSSD (diploma/transcript)  OR  Pass mature entrance exam

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