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Third-Party Sponsored College Students

Summit reserves the right to suspend and/or delay and/or deny any student’s training who does not accept, in writing/ or electronically writing, for any reason, the policies, guidelines and protocols described in the College Student Orientation Guide.


Congratulations on beginning your Summit training experience!

We at Summit are focused on, and dedicated to, helping you reach the greatest level of success you are willing to achieve  - in training, in employment, and in life.

To complete your admissions process:


  1. Read through the Student Orientation Guide thoroughly as it contains vital information  to help you succeed. If you feel it necessary, please discuss and/or seek clarification on its contents with your campus leader as it is very important for you to know this material.

  2. Complete the Student Orientation Form and electronically sign your name in the spaces indicated to confirm your understanding  and acceptance of the information provided in the orientation guide.

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