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Greetings From the General Manager

Updated: Jul 13, 2018

~ By Gamalyel Go ~

My name is Gamalyel and I am the General Manager, here, at Summit College. I consider this position not only an exciting opportunity to steer the course of one of the most unique training institutes in Ontario, but also as my heart-felt duty and responsibility to serve our communities. I am grateful to the Summit College team, students, and clients for giving Summit College the opportunity to contribute by helping others. During my nine years of experience at Summit College as a teacher, program developer, and General Manager, I have been extremely fortunate to work closely with passionate teachers, vocational rehabilitation consultants, employers, PCC inspectors, and students, from whom I have learned a great deal.

Summit College, by its scope, focuses on preparing students for the workplace by empowering them with skills and awareness to reach their full potential. Due to the rapidly changing nature of the fields of education, the workplace, and technology, Summit College needs to constantly evolve. As the General Manager, I am committed to helping Summit College understand and respond to the needs of its students, clients, and workplaces, while adapting to changes in technology and academic/industry practices. We are asking for and will value support from you, our readers, students, educators, and consultants, to address advances in these dynamic fields. In addition, Summit College cannot build a high-quality reputation without the support of the community. Thus, I am asking you to increase our community and online presence by reviewing, discussing, and sharing our blog postings.

I am by no means a writer, I have more of a technical background, so you may find some of my writings brief and concise (but hopefully not boring 🙂). We encourage comments, questions, suggestions and even complaints! Feedback is appreciated and sharing our blog postings is encouraged. Feedback leading to the understanding of one’s point of view or sharing intelligent insight helps everyone. We are always looking for ways to improve; after all, ‘to know better is to do better’.

Here is some of the content you'll see from the Summit College blog:

  • Trending topics, and current events that impact all of our lives

  • Reviews on books and educational videos (e.g. documentaries, movies, etc.)

  • News from Summit College: up-to-date information on current programs and new program development; highlights; success stories; lessons learned

  • An interactive “Share Page” where we ask you how to solve problems people are facing

  • Tutorials and guides

  • Inspirational and gratitude reminders

As you can see, this pretty much covers everything, and hopefully, you'll be able to see how all things are connected. Please comment below to let us know what you would you like to see from us.

I am enthusiastic about the potential opportunities this blog offers us and truly looking forward to the challenges and great experiences that present themselves in the years to come.


Gamalyel Go

Gamalyel is responsible for overseeing all operations at Summit College. Before joining Summit, Gamalyel worked as an engineer and public school teacher. He is passionate about his work and is always eager to apply his technical and teaching skills to help students reach higher potential. With many years of experience in education, Gamalyel is able to effectively meet the needs of its clients, and students that face learning and employment barriers.


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