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Office Administration Work from Home during COVID-19?

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Have you wondered what are the responsibilities of an office administrator? What does an office administrator do in a day?

Check out this job posting for an administrative assistant position in Guelph that gives new hires the option to work from both home and the office.

Working in an office involves understanding and implementing management's priorities. According to the National Occupational Classification, administrative officers (such as office coordinator, claims officer, or band administrator) are employed throughout the private and public sectors. Employers seek well-rounded administrative professionals who have initiative and can keep pace with the ever-shifting demands of the workplace.

Currently, with COVID-19 considerations, many companies allow office administrators to work from both home and the office. Here at Summit college, We offer a diploma program in Office Administration. We have a continuous intake that allows you to get started as soon as possible. Classes are available either in person or virtually on-line.

A college education is more affordable than you might think. Summit College works with individuals to offer financial aid options. We also use a variety of instructional strategies to meet each learner’s needs. You will experience a more engaging learning environment with our smaller class sizes. You will receive guidance as you work through projects that develop specific employment-related skills. We offer work practicums that help students gain related work experience, as well as facilitate each student’s success in their work placement.

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